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4/29/2016 » 4/30/2016
NFH National Conference in Santa Clara/San Jose

A Big Thank You to All Our Members!


Celebrating 100 Years of the Cabin Program

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NFH 2016 Annual Conference in Santa Clara, CA



Cabin Fee Act – The New Year Begins

As 2016 begins to unfold, many cabin owners are receiving new fee letters from the USFS. To learn more about the fee tier and the CFA, see Cabin Fee Act Summary.

NFH provided input for virtually all aspects of the CFA implementation and has ongoing dialog with the Forest Service regarding cabin owner expectations and communications.

What can the cabin owners expect?

From the FS: Along with your CFA fee tier determination and 2016 bill, the Forest Service plans to provide a letter to each permit holder with key data used to determine the fee. That base data includes: 1.) typical lot group, 2.) appraisal value, and 3.) date of value.

Appeal v. Errors: There is no CFA fee appeal; however, if any of the data is wrong, the permit holder should contact their permit administrator to request a correction.

Permit Changes. You will receive a permit addendum, updating permit terms to conform to the new CFA law. All other terms of existing permits remain in effect, including the 20-year term.

Future Permits. All future new permits will be issued with the updated CFA language.

Transfer Fees. Fees begin in 2016, as soon as the Forest Service finalizes rules for new permits issued due to a change of cabin ownership.

Important: To avoid the transfer fee, NFH advises all cabin owners contemplating changes to submit their request to the Forest Service in 2015.

Our membership's effort over 7 years to establish a new fee system will soon come to a conclusion.

While the new CFA tiered fee system isn't perfect, it offers the benefits of fee stability and predictability for years to come. Not all of the inequitable fee situations created by the prior flawed appraisal system will be fully corrected, yet the tier system is a vast improvement.

All cabin owners will benefit as the program and permit fees stabilize and future steep fee increases are eliminated. We remain confident cabin owners will find the CFA fee tier system a great improvement.

Doug Gann, NFH Director

For more information, select one:

Cabin Fee Act Summary

Frequently Asked Questions


Getting ready for the New Year?

So are we at NFH.

January is our New
Common Renewal Month


Beginning this month, January 2016, NFH is changing our dues billing cycle to one common time for all individual members. All individual and associate members will be billed every January going forward. This change might mean that you could get a bill only a few months after you paid in 2015, but in the future the dues bill will always come in January. This change does not impact Tract Members who will continue to pay NFH dues through your local association per your normal schedule.

The initial 2016 dues renewal notices for individual members will be emailed January 5th. For those who opted to receive your dues invoice by US mail, you can expect to receive your invoice by mid-January.

Our goal for a common renewal each year in January is to streamline the process for NFH. It will also help us plan our activities for the year with better knowledge of our revenue at the beginning of the year.

You can trust that after you pay your bill early in 2016, you will be able to enjoy our newsletters, vote in NFH elections, rely on NFH and the website for information, and come to our events or join in a special project, knowing that you won't see another bill until 2017.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this billing change, please let us know by contacting Sharon Karr at or 541-549-8592.

We hope you continue to enjoy your cabin in the woods.

If you have questions, let us know or contact Sharon Leach, NFH Ex Director at



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