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2018 Board of Director Candidates
                   BOARD OF DIRECTOR CANDIDATES (4 Candidates to be elected)


Director Candidate: Ali Gator; Gainesville, FL

Sellars Lake, FL Tract; Ocala NF

I'm a problem solver, open to other points of view, but never get tied up in the details. I'm intrigued by the level of detail needed to administer NFH, and feel it would be a real challenge to simplify the program. I've dealt with real tough critters, wrestled alligators if you will, so I'm confident I can deal with a few disgruntled members, as well as board members and staff that need encouragement. If you want strong leadership, I'm your man!

I’ve served as my Tract’s official pest control manager the past 5 years, and have coordinated pest control measures here in the Ocala NF for many years. I’m committed to pest management.


Director Candidate: Smiley Baldini; Mt. Baldy CA

Big Bear, CA Tract; San Bernardino NF

For me, the good life comes together at the cabin, where my outlook on life doesn’t stray too far left or right. I enjoy problem solving when I can really focus on the issues.  I’ve served as our tract’s official ‘Bark Beetle’ exterminator, having plucked millions of these critters from the trees in our forest, and systematically squashed them underfoot.

If elected, I will use my professional training as a police officer to assist the President in maintaining order during raucous exchanges during Board meetings.  I believe law and order is essential for effective meetings.  Also, I’m proficient in collecting dues if deadbeats are a recurring issue for the organization.  Yes, I’m your law and order candidate.


Director Candidate: Marsha Smith; Medford OR

Lake of the Woods OR Tract; Winema NF

I’m a carefree cabin owner, low key, easy to work with, and a self-starter, capable of working well under stress. I believe these traits will serve as an important resource to the Board in dealing with the complicated decision making demanded of the NFH Board.

If elected, I will use my supernatural skills as a Clairvoyant to forecast NFH’s future directions to best position NFH to meet the challenges ahead.  My cabin sits on the edge of a cliff, so I’m a cliff hanger, so to speak; always working on the edge. For that reason, I serve as Chair of my tract’s Cabin Insurance Committee.  If elected, I would welcome the opportunity to be a resource to new cabin owners on how cabin location influences their insurance premiums.


Director Candidate: Agnes Turbin; Riverside CA

Polique Canyon Assn., CA Tract; San Bernardino NF

Jim Bob and I have owned our cabin for 40 years.  We built our cabin bare handed without power tools.  I’ve served every office in our cabin tract.  I know how to get things done, and I can use my bare hands, if needed, to straighten out Board members that tend to stray. You need to know I’ve never filed a sexual harassment complaint, even though I’ve had many opportunities to do so.  When guys are out-of-line with me, I straighten them out real fast.

Given my vast experience as a cabin owner, I believe I’m well prepared to serve as a NFH Director.  I seek your support and pledge all my energies to serving the membership and the best interests of our cabin community.  Next time you’re in Polique Canyon, please stop bye and say ‘hello.’


Director Candidate: Rudy Trump, Tacoma WA

Lake Quinault Homeowners Association WA Tract, Olympic NF

I’m a happy cabin owner, best known for my organizational skills.  I can and have organized most everything that needs organization.  That’s why I’m happy to serve on the NFH Board of Directors. I’m also very capable of directing, directing others on how to get organized.

When I first meet folks they are often drawn to my bright red moustache, a family trait that helps folks recognize me in a crowd, and encourages my adversaries to step aside.

I will sincerely appreciate your support of my candidacy.  You can be rest assured that your organization will be run very well.  My slogan is ‘Rudy’s on Duty.’