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2018 Nominating Committee Candidates

NOMINATING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES (5 Candidates to be elected)


NC Candidate: Mac Intosh, Santa Clara CA

Almanor Improvement Association CA Tract; Lassen NF

I'm a computer specialist and analyze everything to the nth degree. Even so I see solutions clearly and make timely decisions.

I’m addicted to apples, so I’m often associated with apple related products such as apple pie, apple sauce, and apple computers, ipads and iphones.

I’ve served as my Tract’s Technology Committee Chair, and recognize talent when I see it.  I’m confident I can identify the best candidates for you.  Hence, I seek your support to serve on the Nominating Committee.


NC Candidate: Myrna Puckerup, Yakima WA

White River Recreation Association WA Tract; Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF

My selection method is to merely look’em squarely in the eye, and if they blink, send them packing. I’m tough, and I guess that’s why I’ve been lonely over the years, as no one has stopped long enough to unpack.

My second test is to ask the candidate to ‘pucker up,’ if they hesitate, that’s all I need to know, I send them on their way. I’m fair and square, and my nominee choices will be the cream of the crop.  


NC Candidate: Alberto Einstein, San Francisco CA

Dardenelle Area Cabinowners Association CA Tract, Stanislaus NF

I’m often referred to as the ‘thinker.’ I spend a lot of my time at the cabin formulating advanced theories of relativity such as e=mc2 and other doodles that help me advance my theories of relativity.

However, most of my days are spent swinging in my hammock with May Ellen Feinstein.  I’ve been working on her to drop the ‘F,’ but she’s a stubborn little thing and does not want to leave her mother.

By virtue of my capacity of deductive reasoning, I’ll be nearly infallible in selecting the best candidates for your election .


NC Candidate: Colin Kaeperbush, Turlock CA

Pine Creek Tract Improvement Association CA Tract; Cleveland NF

As a child I was raised at the cabin and developed the ability to throw pine cones with accuracy while chasing my brother.  I could bean him at 40 yards as he zigged and zagged through the forest.  That talent later became transferred to football, until I kneeled on a pine cone one day and injured my knee.  I’ve never recovered.

Today, people think I kneel in protest, but actually my leg is frozen in the kneeling position. I’ve never served on a committee before, so I look forward to serving.  My life-long experience with cabin living gives me the experience needed to select our leadership



NC Candidate: Will Gates, Tacoma WA

Marion Forks Summer Homes OR Tract; Willamette NF

I’m thought to be a wealthy cabin owner, best known for my accumulation of wealth from developing Microsoft Office. However, I’m a man of very modest means that has difficulty making my Special Use Permit Fee each year.

I like to volunteer, so serving on the nominating committee has been a life-long aspiration. I’m honest and unbiased by nature and generally just a nice guy. I promise to carefully study everyone’s credentials in detail and select only the most highly qualified for the membership to consider.

 Please support my candidacy.  Just remember, if there’s a ‘Will,’ there’s a way!


NC Candidate: Vinnie Proboscis, Los Angeles CA

Gerle Creek Summer Homes CA Tract, El Dorado NF

All my life I’ve had a nose for this kind of work.  I can smell a rat from 100 yards. I will not select any potential candidate that has a foul smell, not even a hint. They will all be sweet smelling, with their teeth brushed, and freshly showered and dressed.  If they use underarm deodorant, that’s even better.

Having said that, not all squeaky-clean candidates are suitable, some are in sheep’s clothing so to speak. So, I’m very careful here in making my final selections.  I won’t pull any wool over your eyes. I seek your support, remember to check ‘Vinnie’ when you go to the polls.