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Read Me Instructions and FAQ
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5/3/2019 at 4:30:41 PM GMT
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Read Me Instructions and FAQ

Forum Etiquette

This NFH Community Forum (Ask the Community) is a friendly place for discourse about the recreation residence program.  Our forum is a place to ask questions, provide information, and exchange ideas in a spirit of friendship. We know there will be disagreements on certain topics, but we ask that you disagree respectfully so that this forum remains a place where camaraderie between cabin owners is first and foremost.

Quick Start

  1. Sign in to the NFH Website

  2. Click on the Ask the Community link on the home page. Equivalently click on menu option Resources → Ask the Community or Get Involved → Ask the Community.

  3. View recent topics posts and replies or use the search for a topic of interest

  4. Click New Topic to create a new post.

  5. When positioned on an existing topic, click Quick Reply (or alternatively Full Editor) to join the conversation on that topic.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-in to the NFH Website?

Only NFH members may sign in on the NFH website. Use the menu pick in the upper right or the box on the left rail of the home page.   There is a Forgot Your Password button and a Need Help button at the bottom of the left rail for more assistance.

How do I pose a topic?

Click on above the grid of existing topics. On the Subject line be detailed enough for someone searching to anticipate the content. For example ‘Permit language regarding restricted access’ is much more informative than ‘Permit language’

How do I add a Reply?

Below each post is a Quick Reply text box. Remember to click on thebutton.

What is the difference between Quick Reply and Reply Using Full Editor?

The Quick Reply only allows plain text. The Full Editor has a Subject text, Attach Video field, and full font and style attributes along with an Insert tab for tables and links. Below the text area, there is a drag-n-drop or upload area for attaching files and images. Warning: If you start with the Quick Reply and decide to switch to the Advanced Editor, text already entered is lost so do a copy of the Quick Reply text to then paste it in the Full Editor box.

How do I return to the main Community Forum page?

After viewing a Topic post or replies, click on ‘General Questions/Discussion’ in the Forum Index bar below the NFH website menu bar.  

How can I “subscribe” to the NFH Community Forum?

Members can “subscribe” to the entire Ask the Community Forum, or an individual Topic using the Forum Actions at the top of the Forum (or Topic).  There are two types of notice subscriptions. Subscribe to either or both.    

1)      Instant Update:  Member receives an email every time a new Topic or Reply is made to the Forum (or Topic).  

2)      Digest:  Member receives a weekly email which provides a list new Topics/Replies for that Forum entered since the last distribution of the Digest.  

Is the information accurate?

The NFH Community Forum is provided to members as a medium to share knowledge and experience. NFH staff and designated volunteer subject matter experts will review the forum and clarify and elaborate content for accuracy using an Editor’s Note.

Who can access the NFH Community Forum?

All visitors to the NFH website can see the General Questions/Discussion Community Forum page. Only members who have signed in to the site can post.

If I post or reply how am I identified online?

You are identified with your profile picture and your first initial and last name. There is no visibility to other profile information. You may choose not to set a profile picture and some members use a picture of their cabin.

Why do Topics have different icons?

  1. Announcements  always sort to the top of the posts, are created by a moderator and locked so only moderators can reply. This Read Me Guide is an example of an Announcement.

  2. Sticky always sort immediately below any Announcements and above any regular topics.

  3. Regular Topics display below any Announcements and Sticky and can be sorted by most recent activity date. Scroll down to see all the posts or click on the next and previous page arrows.

What should not be a Topic on the NFH Community Forum?

If you have a personal matter regarding your membership or specifics about your cabin that you do not want to share with the cabin community then use the Help or Contact Us.