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Shared Water Systems with Forest Service - Need Info
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5/7/2019 at 3:07:16 PM GMT
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Shared Water Systems with Forest Service - Need Info

Is your tract sharing a water system with the Forest Service?

I'm looking to speak with a representatives in tracts that share their water system with USFS.  I know there are instances where some tracts are on the same water system as the FS campground close by.  We've been contacted by a tract who is looking into a similar arrangement with the FS and would like a better understanding of how this works in other forests. Please call or email me if your tract has has a shared water system or gets their water from a Forest Service water system.  



Desiree La Maggiore

NFH Field Director


7/16/2019 at 8:18:44 PM GMT
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On the Cleveland NF we have asked the FS if we could connect the small 7-cabin Shrine Tract to the USFS water system in the adjacent Laguna Campground . Despite given an example of a shared water system in the Inyo NF, the proposal was rejected by the District Ranger because the Laguna water system was designed for sharing and the administrative burden to administer the water service.
To the DR's credit, he is entertaining an alternative proposal to allow the MLIA cabin tract water system organization to share a new waterline trench in the upcoming campground renovation project and allow the MLIA to run a pipeline from the nearby Laguna Tract to the Shrine Tract.