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5/18/2019 at 4:13:20 PM GMT
Posts: 11
I thought I would start a thread for sharing tips and tricks about sheds. Does anyone know of any good pre-built sheds that fit the requirements? Does anyone have a link to the requirements? I believe it’s 40 ft.²?

Last edited Saturday, May 18, 2019
5/18/2019 at 5:05:16 PM GMT
Posts: 103
Cabin construction guidelines vary by USFS Region. In the Pacific NW Region (6) where my cabin is located, one storage/woodshed is allowed up to 130 sq ft. In Region 5, the size appears to be limited to 40 sq ft. with possibly a little wiggle room at the discretion of the authorized officer. The following are the Pacific SW Region (5) guidelines for a shed:

"Outbuildings. Before authorizing outbuildings, the authorized officer shall consider the following guidelines: Separate structures such as storage sheds, generators, pump houses, and outhouses may be authorized if they cannot be logically incorporated into the main residence. Separate structures shall not exceed a combined total of 40 square feet. The authorized officer has discretion to make limited exceptions if there are no resource concerns, the improvements or structures cannot be logically incorporated into the main structure and the additional improvement, structure, or square footage is necessary to the function of the cabin. The authorized officer should document the rationale used to support the exception. All separate structures must be constructed of materials and colors to blend with the cabin and other outbuildings."

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10/10/2020 at 7:10:35 PM GMT
Posts: 11
We are in Region 5 and they keep them to 40 soft unless you are grandfathered in.