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Road Maintenance Agreements with the FS
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6/22/2019 at 6:18:28 AM GMT
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Road Maintenance Agreements with the FS
Does any tract have an existing Road Maintenance AGreement with the Forest Service?   We have a group of cabins on a dirt access road that the FS refuses to maintain.   They've offered our tract this agreement, which we are considering.     Any insight to this is appreciated.  Thank you.  Pam Kish

7/12/2019 at 1:31:11 AM GMT
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Pam -

Would it be possible to send a copy of the Road Maintenance Agreement?

We in Arizona have an issue with a collapsed culvert. We are working with the USFS to get it repared, but there has been discussion on what such an agreement might contain.

You can email me at osman_beyazpasha at hotmail dot com

Thanks in advance -

Chuck Huber
Soldiers Camp, Coronado National Forest, AZ

11/4/2019 at 4:56:51 PM GMT
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Pam, here's a mid-point correction in process. Six years ago we (12 cabins on a dead-end permit-cabin-only access road) agreed with the FS that we'd go 50-50 for maintenance, FS providing equipment, we providing materials. There was trouble with some of the 12 not being willing to go along. The FS officer at the time said that it was an implied responsibility of the permit, to cooperate in maintenance agreements. We theatened the two holdouts but didn't have to ask the FS to revoke the permit, nor was there agreement among the 10 that we should do that, some preferring to pay extra to cover the non-payers. The threat worked, everyone payed in.. Now the initial project is done and all 12 are about to discuss the whole agreement including enforcement. The FS says they'll answer our questions about who maintains, and who pays, but it's been a couple of weeks without word.

11/19/2019 at 9:47:41 PM GMT
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Follow-up to previous mid-point in process....
We won't hear from FS permit administrator and road engineer about their policy decision till mid-December, about a month out.

2/6/2020 at 5:12:12 PM GMT
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We finally have an answer. The Forest Service won't require anyone to contribute to road maintenance, because 6 years ago we 12 cabin-owners decided NOT to form a legal association. It seemed too threatening a project. As a result, the road agreement contract was signed by one representative cabin-owner only, not the legal representative of an association. The association would have given the FS the teeth to compel permittees to cooperate financially, the FS road engineer tells us.
Next step: the FS says funding for road crews is dwindling and we should anticipate paying for materials and for labor to apply materials in the near future. We're going to revisit whether we want to form an association. And if we stay informal, at least we'll adopt a policy of the treasurer notifying all 12 owners of who has paid and who has failed to pay into annual assessments.