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Are maps of tracts available?
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7/10/2019 at 5:58:21 AM GMT
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Are maps of tracts available?
Hi! We are interested in getting a copy of our Lot and/or Tract map. Before I try to contact the Forest Service, does anyone know if they have anything like that? Or maybe if something is even available online?
Thanks in advance!

7/11/2019 at 6:59:50 AM GMT
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There are three sources I use to find tract maps:
1. Your tract association records - if your cabin group has an association, ask your tract association leaders if anyone in the group might have a copy.
2. The county assessors website - a lot of counties have put their data online; I’ve had fairly good luck finding tract maps, or at least outlines of parcels, online. Occasionally, a county will have digitized the pages of the plat maps and you can find them that way.
3. The assessor's office - if your county’s records are not digitized, you can go check with the assessor’s office to get a copy of the plat map for your area.

Occasionally, I luck out and find them by doing a google search. And, very likely, your forest service district office has a copy.