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non-renewal of permits
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7/12/2019 at 2:32:31 PM GMT
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non-renewal of permits
Is anyone aware of the Forest Service declining to renew some special use permits in Idaho? One of our members was told by a friend who had just returned from a trip there that he spoke with cabin owners near Redfish Lake (Sawtooth National Forest?) whose permits were not renewed and were being required to remove their cabins. Since this information was second-hand, I thought it best to check the accuracy before getting too worried.

7/15/2019 at 3:58:06 PM GMT
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I did some digging with the USFS and it does not appear that any recreation residence permits in Idaho are threatened currently. The only permits that may ultimately get revoked are in the cases where they haven't paid their permit fees or are otherwise in non-compliance. Otherwise, all permits are set to renew in 2028.

My best guess is that this story may reference cabins that are part of the Redfish Lake Lodge and cabins. There do not appear to be any recreation residences in the Redfish Lake area.

Thanks for checking - perhaps you can let your source and others know not to worry.

Sharon Leach, NFH Executive Director

7/16/2019 at 2:28:47 AM GMT
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Thanks Sharon. I’ll pass this on.