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Roof Replacement
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1/2/2020 at 6:57:40 PM GMT
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Roof Replacement
Do any of you fine folks have experience with replacing a roof? We’re in White River Nat’l Forest. Thank you kindly

1/2/2020 at 8:43:59 PM GMT
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1/2/2020 at 8:43:59 PM GMT
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Dear E.,

What type of roof do you have currently?

Do you know if your cabin is historic or when it was built? We've seen some cases where state historic offices won't allow for example historic cedar shake roofs to be replaced, but we've also seen some increasing flexibility there. A lot of cabin owners are putting on metal roofs for fire and snow defense, but some types are better than others and some may be preferred by the Forest or Forest Service region you are in.

Also, as you consider your roof rebuild and talk to roofers, you might want to think about a wildfire defense design that could make it easier to hook up hoses should you need to or some more official product with sprinklers. That's just a thought, with increases in insurance for cabins in the wildland urban interface, physical defense systems like metal roofs (and vent screens/covers are smart.

Hopefully, we'll hear from those in your forest or in other forests in Colorado about their experience. A good place to start is to approach your District Ranger with the time frame and general need; then you'll submit plans. But it makes sense to ask around.

Thanks - Sharon Leach, NFH Exec. Director

1/2/2020 at 11:13:42 PM GMT
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thanks for the quickly reply... our cabin was built in 1953 and had an asphalt shingle installed.. other cabins in the area who have installed metal had issues with snow sliding from the roof resulting in decks being wiped out. i have a call in to our district ranger who is great to work with. thanks again

1/9/2020 at 3:23:05 AM GMT
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Dear E,

Our Cabin's (White River National Forest / Rio Blanco) roof was replaced last year. We worked closely with the FS District Office to make sure the color was appropriate, which was a big checkmark, and engineering wise the roof would withstand snow loads, etc.

Metal Sales in Longmont (which is a manufacturing and sales site) was very helpful. Please let me know if I can give you any additional info on my experience !

Steven Reed

5/14/2020 at 6:20:58 PM GMT
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Roof repair or replacement


I am a new member from the Hoodoo Tract, Willamette NF, Oregon, and went to the NFH meeting in Sun River last Sept 2019 which I enjoyed v much.

I have a 1950s, A frame cabin, that does not leak, but I am pretty sure has the original corrugated metal barn roof.

Roof is simple, metal roofing over the black felt water barrier, nailed directly on top of 2x12s. Some of the nails that serve to tack down metal panels are getting loose, and the underlayment, a thin black felt water barrier surely could use replacement.

But it does not leak, so far. The upper roof has skip sheathing.

I am looking for advice and local roofers who are experienced in these forest cabin roofs in the Santiam Pass area, OR.

Question: Does NHF org have any contact info for me on local cabin owners (Camp Sherman tract, etc) who may have info on local (Sisters, Redmond, maybe Salem area) contractors, or experience themselves on roof repair/replacement?

I have had the cabin since 2017 and learned a lot. I want to be careful to any changes I make to original, because I have learned that the original builder did things intentionally and thoughtfully. Honestly I really like the old metal barn roofing, but most are telling if I replace I should get get the 24 gauge raised seam metal roofing, ie Skyline. But I see how well the barn roofing has lasted and I bet its stronger, too. Then there is the issue of skip sheathing of the 2x12s in the upper reaches of the cabin - so cannot put this flat, raised seam roofing on top of that - I'd have to add 1/2 inch plywood on top of the 2x12s...if I replaced the barn metal with raised seam.

Lots of little details for this unique setting and structure. And I do not want to spend a fortune. I want to keep it simple like the original intent of this cabin. Durability, and fire protection (the original roof is actually set couple feet into the ground and I was told by the Freunds than this was intentional - to keep sparks from entering underneath the cabin are my main objectives. So the metal panels are rusting where in contact with the ground, so what!? They have lasted many decades! So why not just replace the rusted portion rather than reroofing?

The roof is incredibly steep (70 deg on one side and 60 deg on the other) and tall, 34' to ridgeline slope distance. Whatever work is done will need to be done safely with anchor systems in place so workers are protected. and/Or scaffolding or ?

So I include safety, durability, and fire protection as my main issues with the cabin roof repair/replace work.

And yes I know about all the approvals I need for USFS and have discussed thoroughly. Pretty much all the USFS cares about is the color, and that I have any county permit needed. 

Thanks for any guidance.


Elise Weldon


5/14/2020 at 6:21:42 PM GMT
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5/14/2020 at 6:22:30 PM GMT
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5/14/2020 at 6:23:25 PM GMT
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5/14/2020 at 6:25:24 PM GMT
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Sorry when I submitted it I got an error 3xs saying I had to reload or go to Home Page. I took off the photo I had loaded and then it posted finally. sorry about the 3 xs. posting.