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Water System permit renewal - Delays even by USFS standards!
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1/15/2020 at 12:46:35 AM GMT
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Water System permit renewal - Delays even by USFS standards!

I am the "water master" for our tract in the San Bernardino (CA) National Forest.  There are 9 cabins drawing water from a creek diversion/tank system under a USFS permit issued many decades ago.  In August 2015, the FS notified us that our permit "is currently expired or expiring and needs to be reissued."  I was instructed to contact them if we still desired a permit for renewal.

I did so and filed the appropriate paperwork.  Since then, this project has been passed to (I think) four USFS folks, the last one in Boise Idaho.  Seven months ago (after a year's lack of response from her) I reached out again, and she responded the project had been passed along again.  She "cc'd" the new contact and asked her to respond to me, which she didn't.  

So, is anyone else out there dealing with a renewal of a permit for a water system such as this?  I got the impression from the Boise contact that she was a regional person and handling a bunch of these and it was a nationwide project.

I am content to let sleeping dogs lie, but don't want our tract to get stuck with some massive penalty or other accusation of non-compliance, since we have had no interaction with the FS for many many years.  Our system is permitted and inspected annually by the County Health Department, but we seem to have been ignored or forgotten by the FS.

Any help?

Dave Vangsness

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1/15/2020 at 10:22:15 PM GMT
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Hi Dave, my cabin tract is on the Shasta-Trinity NF. Our association has a water system serving 47 cabins, permitted by USFS and registered with the county and state. Our water system permit with the FS is a 10-year Special Use Permit issued to our association and, similar to an individual cabin, we pay an annual use fee. I think the most important thing is you're compliant with county/state water system requirements. I believe there are quite a few tracts with water systems in your forest and if you've not heard back from one of them, please give me a call directly (408-391-9603) and I'll try and connect you with one or two of them to find out what their experience has been. Cheers, Desiree