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Question on Multiple Lots
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4/27/2020 at 9:43:36 PM GMT
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Question on Multiple Lots
We are in the process of buying a cabin in the Custer Gallatin NF in Montana, and have a question.  Before I ask for input, maybe a bit of background is needed.  This cabin was built in 1923, am told the first owner was an opera singer, the 2nd owner is 93 and who we are buying this cabin from, so very little turnover.  The Big Creek Tract has 2 cabins including this one and 4 lots.  Our purchase includes the lease on 3 of those 4 lots.  I'm assuming that is why the lease fee seems high relative to many other properties i've seen.  Now the question...... to what advantage is it that we have 3 lots and not just the one the cabin sits on?  Thanks in advance for any input.......

4/28/2020 at 4:50:14 PM GMT
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It appears the annual fee for your permit is the same as the fee for lot A of your tract, which suggests the Forest Service assigned a single fee for your permit as one logical lot.  Also, your annual fee is within a range of fees for other similar lots in the same Forest which also suggests the permit fee is not based on multiple lots. I'll contact you directly to provide some additional information regarding how permit fees are determined.

Doug Gann
NFH President