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Advice for Gravity Fed Water System?
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8/12/2020 at 11:17:30 PM GMT
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Advice for Gravity Fed Water System?

Hello Fellow Cabin Owners

I'm rehabilitating the spring fed water line at my cabin for minimal summer cold washing/cooking water use (not drinking) and would appreciate your advice, experience or Denver-area contractor recommendations.  I have rights to a spring source across the gulch and the old damaged water line currently runs down to the stream, up the other side and under the county dirt road, and then another 150 feet up to the cabin. The source appears high enough to maintain pressure all the way to the cabin without a generator.  I'd appreciate your advice mostly for the water line section from the stream up to the cabin. Specifically:

  • Water reservoir - I plan to attach a new small water reservoir container to the cabin where the old water heater tank once stood. Recommendations for a small (30 gallon) reservoir container or system? Is it best to set the reservoir on a stand instead of mount to the cabin? How high does the reservoir need to be mounted to feed a kitchen and bathroom sink? 
  • Line across the road - The existing line is buried but severed on both sides by the county road grader. I'd like to set up a temporary connection for that section instead that I can reel in after filling the water reservoir. Does anyone have experience using flexible reel-in hose (that could potentially withstand a car running over it) to temporarily run water?  
  • Other suggestions, recommendations? 

Thanks all,

Kaye Mathews

1025 Hefferman Gulch Rd / Arapaho - Roosevelt National Forest


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Last edited Thursday, August 13, 2020
8/13/2020 at 10:44:03 PM GMT
Posts: 4
I am a bit confused about your description of your water "system" and the geography. The water source is higher than the cabin across a gulch with a county road in between? Water does not run up hill unless it is pushed from a higher elevation. You can calculate water pressure by the elevation drop - 2.3 psi per foot elevation change. I would put the cabin reservoir as high as possible to generate the most water pressure. On a stand might work better because water weighs 7.8 pounds per gallon. 30 gallons is 234 pounds. Maybe you can talk to the county about fixing the pipe ends so you do not have to you a hose reel.

8/18/2020 at 9:06:49 PM GMT
Posts: 5
Thanks for your informative response. I've confirmed the spring source elevation with an altimeter app and it is much higher than the cabin intake. I'll use your pressure calcuations to confirm flow. In the meantime this year I'm installing a small reservoir in my loft for a simple gravity feed system until I can sort out all the springwater source issues.. Best - Kaye