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Creating a Cabin Defense Fund 2 Dave & Patty Leinweber Hi Glen!Thanks for responding to my request.CPCOA is an informal group at this point.   I don't believe that we are registered with either the State of Washington or the IRS. We never saw a point to doing so until now.Our interest in creating a defense fund is to enable our organization to defend cabin ownership at both the local and national level.  Wehave no interest in using the funds to do operational things like road maintenance, etc.Currently whats driving this is not only  supporting the C2 efforts, but also 15 of our members are currently fighting the Forest Service and Bureau of Reclamation on the addition of some language in their 2009 permits that would enable BoR to require cabin owners to remove their cabins within90 days at the cabin owners expense should the BoR  choose to raise the lake and flood the cabin tract.   The cabin owner have raised and spent almost $15,000 in an effort to block the effort.   Unfortunately CPCOA dosn't currently have the funds to help them out financially, so we wantto start a fund so we can do so for other similar situations in the future.Dave
by Dave & Patty Leinweber
Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Welcome to the Organize your Tract Forum 0 T. Johnson Welcome to our discussion about Organizing Your Tract.     
by T. Johnson
Monday, March 11, 2013