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"Buying" water from the USFS 0 D. Breise Does anyone have any information about any situation where a USFS operated water system (campground, etc.) is providing water to one or more special use permit (Cabin) holders for a fee or otherwise?  We are looking for precedent and USFS mechanisms for such an arrangement. Thanks! -Devin
by D. Breise
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Water Rights II 1 J. Williams Jason,Unfortunately I am not water rights expert and water rights typically are specific to each State. Here in California we have experienced extended drought periods, the last one brought up some of the local water rights issues. Our tract water system never obtained water rights from the State of California, however some tracts did, including the tract to the east of us that used the same stream as a source that we did. That tract later drilled a successful well and no longer used the stream. During the last drought the State started looking up water rights so they could curtail usage. We were notified to curtail usage but the water rights they were using to notify us belonged to the tract to the east. Because we never obtained water rights the only way the State could shut us down was to tell the Forest Service that they had no right to the water. Our water was never curtailed as the State wasn't going to take on the Forest Service, however if we had water rights granted by the State we would have been shut down.My recommendation would be to seek a water right lawyer in your area and see if it is really worth paying that much money for something that may be of no benefit. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.George
by G. Davis
Monday, February 26, 2018
Water System permit 5 J. Tripathi There are 137 cabins in the tract and all of those cabins have access to the water system. No other users, other than the FS or Lake Valley Fire, have access to the water.
by J. Tripathi
Friday, April 1, 2016
Water Rights 2 Edmund & Marjie Schlegel Thank you for that information. I was able to look up my neighbors Recorded appropriative right for his lot on a CA state website, along with a lot of information on CA water rights. It looks like I don't have any standing to join his right. Next step for me might be to get an attorneys opinion.Thanks again… Ed
by Edmund & Marjie Schlegel
Sunday, March 2, 2014