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Transfer of Ownership Form
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4/17/2019 at 10:26:41 AM GMT
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Transfer of Ownership Form
My father passed away and he was the permit holder. Now my husband and I will be the permittees. Can you direct me to the forest service site that handles the transfer or the actual paperwork required for the transfer? Thank you for your help.

4/22/2019 at 6:47:49 PM GMT
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Transferring Ownership - Fee and Form
The form to request a permit be issued to a new owner is the FS-2700-3a form.

When selling, the prior owner completes the top section (Part I) of the “REQUEST FOR TERMINATION OF AND APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL USE PERMIT”. Then, you provide the original form filled out with the property conveyance document (your legal counsel should know what document to provide) to the Forest Service to request termination of the existing permit and issuance of a new permit. Although you can locate the form FS-2700-3a online, I recommend that you contact your permit administrator about getting the current form and informing him or her of the change of ownership.
You'll need to show cabin ownership, either a title or court document showing the change of ownership is completed. Also, when there is a change of ownership, you are required to pay a Transfer Fee. This is approximately $1200 indexed with inflation annually. See our Transfer Fee Guidelines for more information; go to Resources->Permit Fees and then look for the document links at the bottom.

Last edited Monday, April 22, 2019