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Cabin Swap?
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8/27/2020 at 10:53:49 PM GMT
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Cabin Swap?

Hi all,

I'm a brandnew NFH member and a relatively new cabin owner. My wife and I have owned our amazing cabin in Frazier Park, California (1.5 hours north of LA) for a bit over two years, and it has changed our life!

Anyways, we are on a X-country roadtrip, and I was thinking that it would be cool to see other cabins throughout the country. I was wondering if anyone might be interested in trading some days, i.e. you'd let us stay in your cabin for a night or two on our trip and we'd do the same whenever you are out west. I'm assuming this wouldn't violate any rules, so please let me know if it does. Also, due to COVID, we would be happy to do a deep deep cleaning before we leave (or even pay for a cleaning service). Also, I'd be happy to send you pics of our cabin so you can see what a true gem it is. 

In case anyone is interested, we are in Washington state right now and planning to drive straight east to Wisconsin, down Michigan from top to bottom, then Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and ending in New York. 

All the best,

Ben Polk

8/28/2020 at 2:38:12 PM GMT
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What a great trip you're taking! Hope you can stay safe as you go. As far as we can tell at NFH, there are no regulations limiting cabin swaps. If there were money exchanged, it might be a different story because you cannot commercialize or rent out the cabin, except under very limited conditionsa and no more than 14 days per year.

We've been talking about this cabin swap idea for years at NFH. If you'd like, we'll keep your name on file for future opportunities in cabin swapping or perhaps to share your experience if you get some takers on this post. If others show interest, they might also get in touch with me. Whether NFH is involved or just there to support a swap system, we think this sounds like an excellent opportunity for those who are also eager to explore.

The main caveat of course is that the parties are mutually responsible for what might happen at the cabin. Even if another permit holder is at your cabin, your cabin's permit holder would remain responsible. Any private liability might be something to consider as well, whether you use deposits or even background checks to ensure security. I would love to say all cabin owners are the best people, though on the whole, I've come to know and respect the vast majority of those I've gotten to know in this community.

Thanks for stimulating more discussion about this. Good luck!
Sharon Leach
NFH Executive Director

Last edited Friday, August 28, 2020
9/2/2020 at 1:49:10 AM GMT
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What a unique idea. As a former tract president, my wife and I have visited a couple of other cabin tracts in Oregon and are always amazed in the differences in locations and amenities. What I’d like to see is a database of tract locations. Most can’t be found on any map so a database with gps locations and Forest Service road designations would make the process of touring simpler.