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Water Rights
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12/2/2013 at 7:01:36 PM GMT
Water Rights

I’ve had my cabin in the Hot Springs Tract of the Cleveland National Forest (CA) since 1971.  An adjacent cabin and my cabin have shared the water from a spring since I’ve owned my cabin. The adjacent owner states that he has the water rights to the spring and will not allow me to claim use of this water source for inclusion in my Forest Service Use Permit; therefore I "officially” use water brought in by containers, although he continues to allow me to share the water from the spring.  His stated reason is that he can control (shut-off) the water if I sell my cabin to someone that he doesn't like.  

I may be selling my cabin soon and would like to know if I, or the future owners, have any type of rights to this spring water?  

Ed Schlegel

2/28/2014 at 7:49:27 PM GMT
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Legal water rights are RECORDED with some governmental agency. You need to find out which agency does this in CA and check if your lot has a certificate of water right. A certificte could have one or more lot on it.
In WA state the Department of Ecology records wter right.

3/2/2014 at 6:52:58 PM GMT
Thank you for that information. I was able to look up my neighbors Recorded appropriative right for his lot on a CA state website, along with a lot of information on CA water rights. It looks like I don't have any standing to join his right. Next step for me might be to get an attorneys opinion.
Thanks again… Ed