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Ambassador Program Details


The NFH Ambassador Program facilitates direct and responsive assistance to member tracts and individual members, visits with and promotes membership of identified nonmember tracts and individuals, and provides timely and accurate information on local conditions and issues affecting the Recreation Residence Program to NFH officers and Board.


  1. To nominate, select and train Ambassadors who are knowledgeable of the National Forest Homeowners organization, policies and current issues, and able to represent these to Recreation Residence permittees;
  2. To enable the National Forest Homeowners to be a responsive and effective presence in local tract and permittee issues wherever the Recreation Residence Program exists on National Forest and public lands; and
  3. To provide the NFH officers and Board with timely local information and perspective on issues affecting Recreation Residences to ensure that NFH is kept aware of permittee concerns.


Candidate Requirements

NFH Ambassadors will be representing the National Forest Homeowners to cabin owners and others who may have had no prior or, perhaps, recent personal contact with the organization's officers, board members or staff to these people, the Ambassadors will personify the NFH organization. Also, they will be NFH's eyes and ears, providing NFH with direct feedback on the organization's performance and its relevance to permittees in diverse areas of the U.S. These are high expectations, as reflected in the criteria for candidates.

  • Must be Regular or Associate Members of NFH in good standing;
  • Must have extensive familiarity with Recreation Residence permit requirements and Forest Service administration of the Recreation Residence permit;
  • Must be familiar with the importance of the Forest Plan as it affects Recreation Residences, and the need for permittees and tracts to be involved in its ongoing revision;
  • Must have demonstrated abilities in leadership, communications, and organization of groups; and
  • Must be able to represent the National Forest Homeowners to permittees, tract organizations and the Forest Service in a clear, responsive and balanced manner.

Nomination of Ambassador Candidates

Candidates for NFH Ambassador may be nominated by present or past NFH officers, Directors, members of the NFH Nominating Committee, staff and present or past Ambassadors. Nominations may be submitted to the Vice President at any time during the year; however, a nominating campaign will take place during the fall quarter of each year. The annual campaign will be initiated through an invitation to nominate new Ambassadors that will be sent to those eligible to submit nominations. The letter will outline the criteria for selection and the expected outcomes of the program and will include a copy of the Ambassador Nomination Form.

Terms of Ambassadors

Ambassadors serve for a term of two years per appointment. Ambassadors may be appointed for successive terms; however, there may be situations where the 'Ambassadorship' in an area will be rotated to other willing and qualified individuals to increase the leadership resources of this program for the National Forest Homeowner organization.

Formal Appointment

An individual's appointment as an Ambassador will be formalized through an Appointment Letter from the NFH President. The Appointment Letter will indicate the term of the appointment, the position responsibilities and, by reference, the Policies and Procedures governing the Ambassador role. As an indication of their position, NFH Ambassadors will be provided with an appropriate NFH name badge and a copy of the Ambassador Program Resource Manual.

Nomination Form:  Download Nomination Form