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The Cabin Fee Act: It's Alive Once Again!

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) on March 14th introduced H.R. 1159, the Cabin Fee Act of 2013. It will take a few days for H.R. 1159 to be officially posted and NFH will put it on this website as soon as it is available.

 H.R. 1159 is identical to H.R. 3397, the 2012 Cabin Fee Act, which passed the House of Representatives last September. The only exception is a slightly modified fee table (as approved earlier by the C2 cabin coalition) to accommodate what we believe will be necessary to satisfy the Congressional Budget Office. 

If all goes well, H.R. 1159 will have a "markup" by the NR Committee within the next week. A CBO report on the bill should be forthcoming soon after the markup. Then a vote will be sought next month on the standalone bill by the full House. Following House passage, the bill will go directly to the desk of the Senate Majority Leader, where it could be brought up at any time for a vote unless the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee exercises its jurisdiction over the bill. 

In case the bill is referred to the Senate ENR Committee, we are concurrently working closely with committee staff to resolve any concerns they may have with the bill. 

Further developments regarding the Cabin Fee Act of 2013 will be posted on this NFH website.