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CFA Update - Good News!
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Message to Oregon Residents

Hopefully by now, all Oregon cabin owners have read the latest updates following the November 20th Senate hearing on S. 1341. Comments from the C2 Steering Committee have been distributed by email and have been posted by NFH Executive Director Ernie Atencio on the NFH website. These updates bring good news and optimism, however C2 has one more request of Oregon cabin owners.

The importance of a prompt ‘markup’ by the Energy & Natural Resources Committee is essential if we expect to have a chance at getting the bill passed this year. We ask that all Oregon cabin owners contact Senator Wyden with the following message. Please try to put this in your own words as much as you can.

  • Give sincere thanks to Senator Wyden for his support and his commitment to get the Cabin Fee Act, S.1341, passed. This cannot be over emphasized. Point out how much you appreciate his very positive remarks at the Nov. 20th hearing for S. 1341 by the Energy & Natural Resource Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests, and Mining.
  • We are very pleased to have full Forest Service support for S.1341, but stress how important getting the CFA passed into law this year because next year the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) evaluations become even more problematic than this year.  Ask that S.1341 receive a prompt ‘markup’ by the ENR committee, perhaps just after Thanksgiving.  This will encourage a quick response from the CBO and improves our chances of passage this year!
  • Oregon cabin owners and cabin owners everywhere want to see S. 1341 passed without changes.
  • Cabin owners are concerned about possible changes in two provisions of the bill:
    1. Ten year review: The current provision directs the Forest Service to review the Cabin Fee Act in ten years and report to Congress with any recommendations for change. We support this as a preferred method than to allow the FS to make statutory changes in ten years without Congressional participation. The proposed ten year review in S. 1341 is modeled after an approach that has worked well for sixteen years regarding ski area fees.
    2. Transfer Fee: We are concerned that changes to the transfer fee provision will jeopardize our chances to be evaluated as revenue neutral by the Congressional Budget Office.

You can send an email message from Senator Wyden’s ‘direct contact’ website at, but please also send a separate email copy to  This will ensure solid coverage of the message both in Washington DC and within Oregon state.  Thanks to each and all for your efforts to get the Cabin Fee Act passed this year!  Now go write that email to your Senator!!

C2 Steering Committee
November 23, 2013