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NFH 2014 Cabin Fee Survey
Welcome to the 

NFH 2014 Cabin Fee Survey 

A national survey of all cabin owners on our national forests to include both NFH members and non-members alike.  For NFH members that are signed-in on the NFH website, portions of the survey will be autofilled.

 *** Please submit only one (1) survey per cabin ***


Most cabin owners know that we face very serious cabin fee problems under CUFFA, as full implementation is now in effect for most. Some cabin owners are facing annual bills in excess of $10,000. The task of instituting a new fee determination system has been daunting. In continuing our efforts, updated Permit Fee and Cabin Sales data from across the country is essential. The data will support our case with Congress and efforts to achieve a long term solution.

WE NEED YOUR HELP, BUT PLEASE BE ASSURED WE RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF YOUR ANSWERS.  NFH believes privacy is of utmost importance, so we’ve worked hard to ensure confidentiality. Your information will not be used or released for commercial purposes and is protected under the NFH Privacy Policy. Our website provider and survey host embraces stringent internet privacy and security policies.

Questions containing a " ” require an answer.  Those without are optional.

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Deadline for completing the survey is:   Friday, January 24, 2014.