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2018 Nominating Committee Candidates

NOMINATING COMMITTEE CANDIDATES (5 Candidates to be elected)


Chuck Myers, San Gabriel CA

Barton Flats Tract, CA; San Bernardino NF

Family owned cabin, 78 years; 20-year NFH Member

Qualifications and Experience: I wish to continue as a Nominating Committee member. I am a past NFH Director. I am currently a member of: Nominating, Government Liaison, Events, Environmental Committees. I have been a member of NFH since 1997 when I became Barton Flats, (member tract) president; a position I still hold. I am a sitting member of the Angeles National Forest Community Collaborative pursuant to US President Proclamation.

I held senior management positions in the commercial banking industry wherein I reviewed countless applicants for job hiring, which included perusing and analyzing resumes; and completed a multitude of performance appraisals. I have taught accounting and finance part-time at the college/university level(s).

I believe the nominating committee should attempt to obtain regional balance in its membership selection process for all available director and nominating committee positions. The most logical approach to obtain this, to the extent possible, should be based on quantity of cabins served in each region.


Deborah V. Cowlishaw, Bozeman, MT

Swan Creek Tract, MT; Gallatin NF

Family owned cabin, 37 years; 10-year NFH Member

Qualifications and Experience:  I am a 4th generation Montanan and presently living on my parents’ homestead ranch raising horses and hay. My profession experience was a corporate event planner for 25 years and I have also been a non-profit Executive Director and served on two other Board of Directors holding offices of Secretary & Treasurer.

I am currently the NFH Secretary representing USFS Region 1 and have been a member of the Events Committee since 2014, serving as chair from 2016 to the present. With my involvement in NFH it is important to me to see this organization grow and continue to provide bridges between all USFS Regions and NFH members. I believe one of the most effective ways to do this is to continue to place intelligent, progressive individuals in leadership roles that continues the stewardship that we hold as cabin owners.


Bradford J. Aspell, Klamath Falls, OR

Lake of the Woods Tract, OR; Freemont-Winema NF

Family owned cabin, 92 years; 27-year NFH Member

Qualifications and Experience: My wife and I, as well as our grandparents and parents, have owned recreational residence cabins since 1925. We and our three children have had the experience of growing up at our cabin; hiking in the woods, bicycling on trails, swimming, boating and fishing on the lake on which our cabin is located. Our goal is to see that they, too, have the privilege of a cabin experience in raising their own families. We both are passionate about stewardship of the forests and preserving the values of the Recreation Residence program. My goal in seeking the position on the Nominating Committee is to find people with the level of passion and commitment to advocate for the Recreation Residence program and advance the mission of National Forest Homeowners.

I have served for 42 years as a member of Lake of the Woods Recreational Association, Inc., our cabin tract organization, and served multiple terms as President over four decades. I was elected as a Director of NFH in 2011, served two terms in that position and served two terms as NFH Vice President with my term expiring in 2017. As a practicing attorney I have lectured on and provided presentations on multiple family ownership agreements as well as trusts for generation transfers at NFH events. During my service to NFH, I have met many energetic and involved people looking to preserve and enhance the cabin program. My goal is to reach out to these people and encourage their service to NFH. 


Roy Glauthier, Costa Mesa, CA

Metcalf Tract, CA; San Bernardino NF

Family owned cabin, 49 years; 24-year NFH Member

Qualifications and Experience: For the last 30 years I have been an active cabin owner in my local tract [president and presently secretary/treasurer], in organizing and moderating a forest-wide cabin coalition of 16 tracts, and in NFH as a director, president (2002 – 2008), committee volunteer and as a nominating committee member on several occasions.

My broad involvement in the cabin program has been rewarding, but has also made me appreciate the importance of leadership in protecting this cabin program at every level, and especially at the national level. If this program is to continue long-term, NFH must have an active leadership that reflects the diversity and priorities of cabin owners across the geographic range of this program.

This position is about ensuring that leadership by identifying and encouraging the next generations of leadership for the cabin program and the NFH organization. As a past member of the Nominating Committee, I understand the challenges involved in finding qualified nominees and balancing representation on the board. As an officer and director, I have been involved in every aspect of NFH’s activities, so know the needs of our organization and the benefits of having a broad range of skills among the leadership.

If elected to this committee, I will continue to reach out to cabin communities so that our organization’s leadership truly represents cabin owners everywhere.


Barbara Bailey, Tacoma, WA

Lake Quinault Tract, WA; Olympic NF

Cabin owner, 18 years; 16-year NFH Member

Qualifications and Experience: I am excited to run for a position on the Nominating Committee. I would work to ensure that we have slates of energetic candidates who can be effective leaders for NFH and its members and who can strongly represent the interests of the cabin program.

I served as a NFH Director from 2011 - 2016, honored to have been selected by the board as the at-large member of the Executive Committee for three of those years. I continue to participate as a member of the Communications and Programs & Events Committees, and currently chair the Bylaws and Policy Committee. I also serve as a board trustee for my local Lake Quinault Homeowners Association after serving as the co-president for many years.

I have a good grasp on ‘how things work’ -- valuable knowledge in helping to identify individuals who will dedicate serious thought and energy to continue to move our organization forward and to strengthen the cabin program. If elected to the Nominating Committee, I would seek to nominate candidates who would hold themselves to that standard, and represent our diverse cabin community.

My husband, Pete, and I are passionate about our cabin and this legacy program dedicating countless volunteer hours to strengthen the program on a local, state and national level. I’ve had the opportunity to meet cabin owners from across the country and will draw on these relationships to identify cabin owners with the needed skills to continue to provide a strong board. I would appreciate your vote.


Barbara Warnock, Pleasant Hill, MO

South Fork Tract (Santa Ana River Cabin Association), CA; San Bernardino NF

Family owned cabin since approximately 1920; 20+ year NFH Member

Qualifications and Experience: I am qualified to serve on the 2018 Nominating Committee because of my NFH experience and local cabin experience. I am the former DB Manager of NFH. This position brought me in close contact with many NFH members and NFH Member Tracts. I have been active on several NFH committees including the 2017 Nominating Committee. As a former secretary and current treasurer of my own tract I have the chance to interact with many cabin owners. I am able to listen to their needs and concerns regarding their cabins. As a former employee of NFH I have a thorough knowledge of the NFH policies and by-laws. I am very aware of the necessary abilities and professionalism needed for the future NFH board.

Lastly I have the time and energy to serve on the 2018 NFH Nominating Committee!