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2019 NFH Associate Member Director Candidate (Elect 1)

Nick Lamb, Oakland, CA

Metcalf Creek Tract, CA; San Bernardino NF

Family owned cabin, 20 years; 5-year NFH Member

Qualifications and Experience: I'm interested in applying for the position of Associate Member Director because I believe our cabin and those like it are important to families and to the country. I believe that having a connection to the forest and the outdoors, especially one that also helps bring families and communities together is vital for a vibrant existence. 


As a somewhat younger NFH member I believe that I'd bring a fresh voice to the organization and help to usher in the next generation of cabin owners and participants. I've helped my parents to work on and plan modifications to their cabin for a number of years, have helped in a few years of cleanup of the area around the Metcalf Cabin Tract and attended the annual NFH conference weekend with my wife last year. We're both passionate about the environment and interested in discussing and improving how NFH cabins interact and help promote positive change in their respective forests.


My initial goals for serving in this position would be:


  • Increase interactivity with the forest service, including finding ways to help them with issues relating to decreased budgets and staff.

  •  Increase interest and bring the NFH and forest cabins into focus for younger generations.
  • Promote National Forests and their important role in the health and future of the country.



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