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2019 NFH Nominating Committee Candidates (Elect 5)

David HansenSt. Paul, MN

Walker Bay Tract, MN; Chippewa NF


Family owned cabin, 55 years; 10-year NFH Member


Qualifications and Experience:I am completing my first term on the board and have served on several committees: communications, program/events and membership. I feel I can broaden the geographic representation of the nominating committee.  I’ve worked on several NFH projects and have met many members as a result of activities such as the newsletter and helping at forums and conferences. I would like to help expand member participation in NFH by serving on the nominating committee.


My cabin is on Leech Lake, in Minnesota, in a group of 20 cabins from the 1950s-60s.  Over half are still with the original family and we understand the value of long-term commitment. To be successful, NFH requires a commitment from its members and I see the nominating committee as a means to help achieve this.


Bradford J. Aspell, Klamath Falls, OR


Lake of the Woods Tract, OR; Freemont-Winema NF 


Family owned cabin,30 years; 29-year NFH Member


Qualifications and Experience:  My wife and I, as well as our grandparents and parents, have owned recreation residence cabins since 1925.  We and our three children have had the experience of growing up at our cabin; hiking in the woods, bicycling on trails, swimming, boating and fishing on the lake on which our cabin is located.  Our goal is to see future generations have the privilege of a cabin experience in raising their own families.  We both are passionate about stewardship of the forests and preserving the values of the Recreation Residence program.  My goal in seeking a position on the Nominating Committee is to find people with the level of passion and commitment to advocate for the Recreation Residence program and advance the mission of National Forest Homeowners.  


I have served for 43 years as a member of Lake of the Woods Recreational Association, Inc., our cabin tract organization, and served multiple terms as President over four decades.  I was elected as a Director of NFH in 2011, served two terms in that position and served two terms as NFH Vice President.  As a practicing attorney I have lectured on and provided presentations on multiple family ownership agreements as well as trusts for generation transfers at NFH events.  During my service to NFH, I have met many energetic and involved people looking to preserve and enhance the cabin program.  My goal is to reach out to these people and encourage their service to NFH.


Sharon Karr, Sisters, OR


Diamond Lake Tract, OR; Umpqua NF


Family owned cabin,19 years; 19-year NFH Member


Qualifications and Experience: My family’s cabin is in the Diamond Lake, Oregon tract where I served as tract secretary-treasurer for seven years. In 2007 and 2009, I was awarded the NFH Communications Award for producing the Diamond Lake and Oregon Forest Homeowners’ Association newsletters, and building a website and state-wide email network, to disseminate information. I then served on C2 and lobbied in Washington, D.C. for the Cabin Fee Act.


These local, state and national tract experiences provided a strong background for serving as the NFH treasurer and executive board member from 2010-2012. In 2015, I was selected to be the NFH Membership Administrator, an employee position, where I was in contact with cabin owners nationwide. After retiring in 2017, I have volunteered for NFH assisting with membership outreach in Oregon and as the vice president of OFHA. 

Retirement has also provided the opportunity to spend weeks-at-a-time at our cabin, always working on the next repair project, enjoying our cabin friends and hosting family get-togethers. 

My experience with the organizations serving the cabin program provided the opportunity to meet enthusiastic cabin owners throughout the US. There are many cabin owners who are talented and would bring strength to NFH. I can assist in finding qualified volunteers for the next NFH Board of Directors. I hope to receive your vote to the NFH Nominating Committee. 

David Gearing, Portland, OR 


Mile Bridge Tract, OR; Mount Hood NF


Family owned cabin, 5 years; 2-year NFH Member


Qualifications and Experience:I purchased my cabin on August 29, 2013. No place makes me happier and puts me more at peace.  


I have served on the NFH Board since April of 2017. I am on the Finance Committee and the Bylaws and Policies Committee.  I also serve on the Mount Hood Forest Homeowner’s Association Board. I am learning about the history and operations of the Cabin Program.  I want to participate in its stewardship and preservation for future generations. 


I am a senior partner in our eight-attorney family law firm. I serve as a Clackamas County Pro Tem Judge.  I represent children pro bono by Court appointment. I belong to the Oregon State Bar, the Oregon Academy of Family Law Practitioners, and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. I attended the University of Oregon School of Law and the SUNY Buffalo School of Architecture and Environmental Design.  I have served other non-profits and coached youth sports teams for many years.  


My professional skills and current experience with the Board, the Finance Committee and the Bylaws and Policy Committee will be helpful to the Nominating Committee.  As an attorney, I have interacted with fellow professionals and diverse clients from all walks of life.  As an employer, I understand the importance of hiring people who will be satisfied and productive.  I have worked with other non-profit organizations, children and families. This experience will be of value in recruiting and selecting future leaders of NFH. Thank you for your consideration.



Barbara Bailey, Tacoma, WA


Lake Quinault Tract WA; Olympic NF


Family owned cabin,19 years; 16-year NFH Member


Qualifications and Experience:As the current chair of the Nominating Committee, I would bring valuable knowledge and consistency to the efforts of the committee in identifying strong candidates for the various open positions. I will work to ensure that we have slates of energetic candidates who can be effective leaders for NFH and its members and who can strongly represent the interests of our diverse cabin community.


I’m committed to the purpose, mission and values of this association. I served as an NFH Director from 2011 - 2016, honored to have been selected by the board as the at-large member of the Executive Committee for three of those years. I continue to participate as a member of the Communications and Programs & Events committees, and currently chair the Bylaws and Policy Committee along with the Nominating Committee. I also serve as a board trustee for my local Lake Quinault Homeowners Association after serving as the co-president for many years.

My husband, Pete, and I are passionate about our cabin and the Recreation Residence program, dedicating countless volunteer hours to strengthen the program on a local, state and national level. I’ve had the opportunity to meet cabin owners from across the country and will draw on these relationships to identify cabin owners with the needed skills to continue to provide a strong board.

Thank you for your consideration. 


 Deborah V. Cowlishaw, Bozeman, MT

Swan Creek Tract, MT; Gallatin NF


Family owned cabin, 38 years; 11-year NFH Member


Qualifications and Experience: I am a 4thgeneration Montanan and presently living on my parents’ homestead ranch raising horses and hay.  My professional experience was a corporate event planner for 25 years and I have also been a non-profit Executive Director and served on two other Board of Directors holding offices of Secretary & Treasurer.


I served on the Nominating Committee for 1 year in 2018.  I am currently NFH Secretary and serving as chair of the Events & Program Committee from 2016 to the present.  I am a strong advocate for NFH and stewardship of our national forests.  I believe an effective way to see our future recreational cabin program flourish is to place intelligent progressive individuals in leadership roles.




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