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2019 NFH Election Webpage

Welcome to the 2019 NFH Election Webpage 

The 2019 NFH Election Webpage serves as the point of access for Regular and Regular Tract Members to their ballots for voting online.

Voting will be open March 1 through March 31, 2019

The open positions for the 2019 NFH Election are Vice President and Secretary, five (5) Directors, one (1) Associate Member Director, and five (5) Nominating Committee Members.

In preparation for voting, the nominees for these positions are listed below, accompanied by their candidate statements and photos for review before voting.

During the election period (March 1-31, 2019), eligible voters may access their ballot and vote by clicking on 'I'm Ready to Vote,'





Meredith Randall, Milton GA


33 Milestone Tract, CA; Eldorado NF


Family owned cabin, 86 years; 16-year NFH Member


Qualifications and ExperienceI was fortunate to spend entire summers of my youth at our cabin. It is at 4,000 feet and close to a major highway, so we enjoy all four seasons there. In June of 2018, the Nominating Committee asked me to serve the remaining year of Doug Gann’s VP term since he had been elected President. Having served in various NFH positions, the committee was familiar with my work and leadership skills.  I was an Associate Director in 2010 and Secretary from 2011 - 2016. I served on the Technology, Membership, Events and Executive Committees. I am currently Technology Chair and previously chaired Membership.


As my parents aged, I realized the importance of understanding our permit and cultivating a personal relationship with my permit administrator. Yet NFH newsletters and conferences became the foundation of my knowledge about the cabin program. It is unique and genuinely important to preserve for future Americans. The privilege of being a cabin permittee is complicated: fire threats, water rights, forest health, security, sensible maintenance and rebuilding consistent with historic preservation, permit language, federal funding and personal property on public lands. As VP I will help cabin owners and tracts work more effectively with local agencies, like-minded organizations and the USFS. I can articulate differences across Forest Service regions and draw upon similarities to aid stakeholders in sharing, finding and implementing practical solutions. I am a team player and as VP will perform whatever roles are best for NFH members and the NFH mission. 




Deborah V. Cowlishaw, Bozeman, Mt


Swan Creek Tract, Mt; Gallatin NF 


Family owned cabin,38 years; 11-year NFH Member


Qualifications and Experience: I am a 4th generation Montanan and presently living on my parents’ homestead ranch raising horses and hay.  My professional experience was a corporate event planner for 25 years and I have also been a non-profit Executive Director and served on two other Board of Directors holding offices of Secretary & Treasurer.


I am currently serving as NFH Secretary.  I was elected a Director representing USFS Region 1 in 2017.  I have been a member of the Events Committee since 2014 and serving as chair from 2016 to the present.  With my involvement in NFH it is important to me to see this organization grow and continue to provide bridges between all USFS Regions and NFH members.  In these current times I believe stewardship of our forests and advocacy are essential.


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