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     Signing in

     Update your name, address, phone or email

     How does NFH protect my privacy and security?

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     Remove email from NFH list

     Pay annual membership dues

     Membership status

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     Learn more about the Recreation Residence Program

     Contact a NFH Board Member

Can’t find the information you’re looking for?

Click here to request further assistance from the NFH Staff.  Please state your question or request clearly and include your cabin tract name to assist with identification. Most help requests are responded to by the next business day.

Contact Information:

For general information, please contact NFH Executive Director Sharon Leach at , or (800) 669-9971.

For website or membership questions, please contact NFH Membership Administrator Melody Knox at or (541) 708-1434.


Signing In

1) Locate the Sign In box on the left side of the NFH home page to enter your NFH username and password.  All members have an online member account with NFH.

2) If you don’t know your username or password, view the following brief video to learn how to use Forgot your Password to obtain your username and reset your password.

Sign in Help Video  (click on  to view in full screen mode)


Update your name, address, phone or email

The NFH website provides you with the ability to change your member profile information at any time. 

To update your member profile:

1)   Sign in to the website using your username and password to display your Member Profile page.

2)    If you don’t see the page, click Profile Home in the MY PROFILE box on the left; and your name appears in the section heading.


3)    To change your profile information, click EDIT below your name, on the right side of the green PERSONAL INFORMATION bar to display the Edit My Member Profile page.

Information is divided into three sections and you can update most fields:

ACCOUNT INFORMATION – NFH number, username, password, email address
PERSONAL INFORMATION – name, address, phone, alt-email address
CABIN INFORMATION – tract, lot #, local association, FS region, forest


Notes: Your member profile information is private and secure from general public access. To provide an additional layer of privacy, you can override the allowed visibility at the field level in your profile. The default for most fields is Members Only, allowing only other signed-in members to view your contact information only under the limited circumstances of being a member of a committee, the NFH Board, or participation in an on-line forum. Using the privacy icon to the left of each field, you can change the default setting to Private, meaning that field is not displayed under any circumstances to any other member of the system.


4)    After updating your information, you must scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes to record your changes.



How does NFH protect my privacy and security?

By policy, NFH does not sell or share member information with outside organizations.

Exception:  By mutual agreement, NFH and Member Tract Associations exchange contact information for cabin owners associated with the tract organization as part of the standard process for paying annual NFH membership dues.

NFH members have access to their member profile by signing into the NFH website.  Your member profile information is private and secure from general public access. Under very limited circumstances, your profile may be visible to other signed-in NFH members.  You can override the allowed visibility at the field level in your member profile so that your information is not visible under any circumstances to any other member of the system.  Please see the Update your name, address, phone or email help topic for directions for setting privacy levels.

The NFH website uses state-of-the art network security and our credit card transactions are processed by BluePay, a leading credit card merchant processor. NFH retains only the last-4 numbers of your credit card for reference purposes. By not retaining your credit card number in our system, NFH and its members are not exposed to credit card theft through hacking attempts. NFH members must re-enter their credit card number with each transaction, a minor inconvenience compared to the risk of credit card theft.


Want the NFH Newsletter by email?

If you are a NFH member and are not receiving the NFH Newsletter by email, we probably don’t have your current email address on file.

Click here to sign up for NFH Newsletters by email.

If you are a Forest Service employee and wish to receive a complimentary copy of the NFH Newsletter by email, click here to sign up.   


Remove email from NFH list

To remove your email address from our system:

Send an email to NFH Membership Administrator Melody Knox at to inform her of your change of status (e.g. sold cabin). 

Tip:   Did you know you can transfer your NFH membership to the new cabin owner?  By providing us with the new cabin owner’s contact information, we will transfer the remaining portion of this year’s NFH membership to the new owner of your cabin.  The new cabin owner’s NFH membership will renew the following January for an individual member, or your tract’s next renewal date for a NFH Member Tract member.


Pay annual membership dues

If you are a NFH individual member, you can pay your dues online securely using the NFH website or you may send your check for prorated dues to NFH, PO Box 336, Talent, Oregon, 97540. To pay online, you must first sign in to the NFH website.

Notes: Members who pay NFH dues through their local cabin association (NFH Member Tracts) do not pay dues through our NFH website or by mail to us individually; tract members pay NFH dues directly to the local association, who in turn pays NFH for the entire group.

If you are uncertain regarding your local cabin association status, please refer to the Get Involved-->Cabin Association Directory and look for an asterisk to the left of your tract name. An asterisk indicates a NFH Member Tract.

All NFH Individual Memberships expire and are subject to renewal each January.  Individual members receive NFH dues notice alerts by email on the following schedule:

·         30 days prior to your membership expiration/renewal date (early January).

·         1 day prior to your expiration date  (if not paid, end of January)

·         30 days after expiration date  (if not paid, end of February)

To pay your membership dues:

1)    Click the link in your dues renewal email notice to sign in and view your Membership Information page.

Or sign in anytime during dues renewal (January-February) and navigate to MY PROFILE
àMembership Info from the left side of the page.

Renew with existing invoice1 (2)

View your invoice by clicking the Invoice icon (1st from left) of the selected transaction.

To initiate payment by credit card:

1)    Click the Online Payment icon (2nd from left) to display the Payment page.

2)    Fill in your credit card information, click Payment, and confirm your transaction.


·         Your payment is securely processed, generally within seconds.

·         Your membership status will be updated upon payment confirmation.

·         You will also receive a confirming Thank You email notice and your invoice will reflect payment in full. The online invoice is your receipt.

You can view or print your invoice at any time for your records. The online invoice remains with your NFH member account for future viewing/printing.

Thank you for renewing your NFH membership!


Membership status

To view your membership status:

1)    Sign into the NFH website.

2)    Navigate to MY PROFILE on the left, and click Membership Info.

Your next membership expiration/renewal date will display and you will see one or more rows of annual dues invoices for current and past dues transactions.

Note: If you still have a question regarding your membership status, please contact NFH Membership Administrator Melody Know at or (541) 708-1434.


Registering for an NFH event

Prior to each NFH event, you will find a link to register for the event on the NFH homepage, or you can access by menu Who We Are-->  Events . The Event Registration page displays event pricing options, along with other event details.

Events may have different options, but generally, the steps for event registration are:

1)    Sign in using your NFH username and password.

(You may also register as a non-member, but your member information will pre-fill some of the forms if you log in first.)

2)    Click Event Registration.

3)    Select Attendee Type, then click Next.

4)    Fill in Attendee Information, then click Next.

If you have signed in before you register, some fields will be pre-filled for you.

5)    Selection a ticket from the Attendee Selections and then:

a.    Click Save & Add Another Attendee to register multiple attendees. If you have entered all attendees, then:

b.    Click Save & Finalize Registration to proceed to Checkout.

6)    On the Checkout page, enter payment information, verify your contact/billing information, and click Proceed to Confirmation.

7)    Verify your order and payment, then click Complete Order to confirm and your credit card payment will be processed within seconds.

You will receive an email Thank You message for your registration and a separate Thank You message for your event ticket payment.


Learn more about the Recreation Residence Program

Start by reading the Recreation Residence Program Overview . 

Additional information can be found by choosing Who We Are-->
About The Cabin Program from the NFH homepage.

For additional detailed information regarding permit terms, fees, historic preservation, and more, members can sign in then choose Resources--> Working with the Forest Service .


Contact an NFH Board Member

From the main menu, choose Who We Are--> Board of Directors

Or to contact our Membership Administrator regarding your login information or dues status, reach out to, PO Box 336, Talent, OR 97540. You may also call her at 541.708.1434.

For all other questions, please call our help line at  800.669.9971.