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Permit Fees

2020 Permit Fee Update

Billing Dates. Typically, Forest Service bills are generated with a January 1st due date and payment expected within 30 days of the due date.  A bill not generated by January 1st typically specifies a bill due date using the date it's generated, with the same payment expectation within 30 days of the bill date.

Did you know? The USFS allows permit holders to pay their annual permit fees online using a credit card. No additional transaction fee applies. To go to the bill pay site for your Forest Service permit fee payment, click here

Cabin Fee Act & Fee Increases. After a successful implementation of the Cabin Fee Act (CFA) fee system in 2016, all future permit fee changes are limited to an annual adjustment for inflation. No other fee increase is allowed under CFA. Cabin owners will not face future fee uncertainty and steep fee increases common under the prior fee system.

Annual Permit Fee Table

Fee Tier  Annual Permit Fee

Annual Permit Fee

 Annual Permit Fee

Annual Permit Fee

Annual Permit Fee

 1 $650  $659  $666 $679 $691 
 2 $1,150  $1,166 $1,182  $1,201  $1,221
 3 $1,650 $1,673 $1,697  $1,724  $1,753 
 4 $2,150  $2,180 $2,211  $2,246  $2,284 
 5  $2,650  $2,687 $2,725  $2,769  $2,816 
 6  $3,150 $3,194 $3,239  $3,291  $3,347
 7  $3,650  $3,701 $3,753  $3,813  $3,878 
 8  $4,150 $4,208 $4,267  $4,335 $4,409 
 9 $4,650  $4,715 $4,781  $4,857  $4,940 
 10 $5,150 $5,222 $5,295  $5,380  $5,471 
 11  $5,650      $5,729      $5,809  $5,902  $6,002 
Annual Adjustment  Base Year  1.400%  1.405%  1.600%  1.700% 
 Transfer Fee* $1,200  $1,217   $1,234 $1,254  $1,278 


*Transfer Fee.  A Transfer Fee is a one-time fee applied when a new permit is issued due to a change of cabin ownership, adjusted each year by the same inflationary index. While a buyer and seller may negotiate who pays the fee as part of the sales transaction, the U.S. Forest Service will bill the new permit holder (buyer) when issuing a new permit.  The Forest Service has yet to publish the final rules regarding the transfer fee, so we offer the transfer fee guideline document below based upon our on-going dialog with the Forest Service.  While this information is NFH’s current understanding, this Transfer Fee Guideline document is not official and is subject to change with the official publication by the Forest Service.

Permit Changes. Fee determination language has been updated for new permits issued after 2017 to conform to the new law. Permits issued prior to 2018 may include language referencing the old fee system, however, the new law terms supersede terms found in older permits. All other terms of existing permits remain in effect, including the 20-year term which is scheduled for renewal in 2028.

USFS Handbook Changes.  Recreation Residence rules and regulation updates are necessary to remove references to the old CUFFA fee system and to add CFA fee language to conform to the new law. We understand these changes have been drafted and are circulating within the agency for approval.

Still have questions? Please view the reference documents below, and/or click here to submit your CFA question.

Permit Fee Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Cabin Fee Act (CFA) Summary PDF (235.38 KB) Administration 1/5/2017
CFA Frequently Asked Questions PDF (214.52 KB) Administration 1/3/2017
CFA Transfer Fee Guidelines PDF (103.31 KB) Administration 12/4/2019
CFA Passage Announcement PDF (272.68 KB) Administration 1/3/2017
CFA Bill Text (HR3979 Section 3024) PDF (43.26 KB) Administration 1/3/2017
USFS On-line Bill Pay Instructions PDF (805.87 KB) Administration 1/5/2017