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Call to Action: Call Your Members of Congress

Call to Action!
Wildfire Disaster Funding Act

We’re asking that each of you please call your Representative and Senators to ask for their support of current legislation to stop “fire-borrowing.”

  • Click to read a sample letter you can mail or email, but phone calls often are most effective.
  • To find and reach the local and national offices for your House member, click here.

House Bill H.R. 2862, the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act,
provides the United States Forest Service with needed disaster funding for fighting wildfires. The current version of the bill avoids provisions that have been controversial in other proposed legislation.

If your Representative is a current co-sponsor of the bill, thank them. If not, ask him or her to become a co-sponsor. The current bill's co-sponsors are bipartisan.
See list of current co-sponsors.

Until Sept 5, you can reach members in their local district offices. After that, you can reach them in Washington. We believe this bill has a good chance of coming up on their agenda before the end of September.

A Senate version of the bill may be forthcoming and has recently been part of other bills, such as Appropriations and Energy bills. Please let your Senators know you support Wildfire Disaster Funding.

Over the years, the cost of fighting wildfires has been growing, continually exceeding the Forest Service fire-suppression budget. To fight these ever-growing fires, the Forest Service has to borrow funds from other services and programs. This is called “fire-borrowing.”

Many cabin owners have experienced the effects of this “borrowing” as staff positions go unfilled, maintenance backlogs grow and fire prevention programs are cut. Read more about fire-borrowing.

For the past 3 years, NFH has supported legislative bills that would provide the Forest Service with access to disaster funding similar to hurricanes and other disasters. This current bill is supported by a broad coalition of organizations from timber to conservation; here is a link to their Key Points.

Thanks so much for your support of this legislation. Questions?  Contact Sharon Leach, NFH Executive Director at